Audio to CD

Take your legendary music with you!Vinyl Record

If you have the sounds, but don’t have the equipment to hear them, we offer quality
transfers that allow you to take your legendary music wherever you go.
Dust off those old albums and audio cassettes and bring them to us for an upgrade.

For the record (see what we did there?)…
As technology progresses, the devices you once relied on to play your vintage records become obsolete.
The audio itself collects dust and decays, making the experience less enjoyable. Eventually, you won’t be able to hear a sound. When you request an audio transfer, we use state-of-the-art equipment to record your audio to our computers and burn them to a compact disc for your enjoyment. As always, we observe the quality of your audio cassette, vinyl record or reel, so that we can preserve the best quality for you.

We transfer these video formats to CD:



Audio Cassette/Vinyl to CD (No Tracks): $15
Audio Cassette/Vinyl to CD (Edit for Tracks): $20
Reel-to-Reel to CD: $20 per Reel
Audio Editing: $40 per half hour

CD Duplication
Copies (1-14 copies): $5 per Copy
Copies (15-29 copies): $4 per Copy
Copies (30-49 copies): $3 per Copy

For prices on disc packaging and templates, please visit our site: Midsouth DVD

Please call our office for bulk pricing.